Entanglement: Paintings of rubber bands

Hang Man Gallery, Toronto. Oct 24 – Nov 11, 2007
A solo show of paintings featuring constructions from rubber bands.

“Joanna remakes the flotsam of rubber bands into meaningful forms. In her paintings, the bands are brightly coloured paths of light wound into planet-like spheres, hanging in a black void. Each rubber-band ball can be seen as a kind of mandala, representing the universe; as a small world emerging from darkness; or as accumulations of interactions that make up the rhythm of our days and nights.”

Liz Driver, Curator, Campbell House Museum, Toronto.

These paintings use rubber bands to symbolise the worlds created by our daily experiences. Groceries, newspapers, mail, shops, sidewalks, family and friends provide the rubber bands, and just as these everyday moments combine to create our lives, the rubber bands are intertwined together to make small worlds, with symbolic references to skies, meadows, roads and caves.

Paintings of individual rubber bands represent a moment of being: loops or knots portray particles of emotion.

Overall, these paintings explore how the commonplace rubber band can be used to signify the tangle of feelings and thoughts formed by our experiences.

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