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Entanglement: Paintings of rubber bands

Hang Man Gallery, Toronto. Oct 24 – Nov 11, 2007 A solo show of paintings featuring constructions from rubber bands. “Joanna remakes the flotsam of rubber bands into meaningful forms. In her paintings, the bands are brightly coloured paths of

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Juxtaposition: Still life paintings

Juxtaposition at Zilberschmuck Gallery 1852 Queen Street East, Toronto, March 25 – May 5, 2007 A solo show of still life paintings at Zilberschmuck Gallery. In these paintings, objects are juxtaposed together to make miniature landscapes which represent states of mind. The

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Flourish: paintings of blossom, growth, and fruition.

Joanna Strong: Flourish at Cambridge Galleries, 2000 A solo exhibition of paintings which explored the forms of plants and other everyday objects. Observation of a plants’ growth and movements, the brief beauty of a blossom, and the monumental solidity of the fruits

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